Can You Rely on DIY Ant Treatments to Treat an Infestation in Elgin?

Ants are the most common household pests. Due to their size, ants can easily enter homes. Most species of ants are harmless but they may contaminate food. Still, no one wants to deal with an ant and other pests in Elgin in their homes. If have an existing ant infestation, here are remedies you can consider:

Diatomaceous Earth

This fine, granular substance works by disrupting the insect’s bodily functions. When ants stick to the solution, they abrade their exoskeleton, leading to tiny wounds. Diatomaceous earth injures ants and makes it hard for them to stay hydrated or eat. The substance can effectively repel ants; however, its effectiveness is limited to the treated area. This solution won’t completely eliminate an ant colony because it only impacts those insects that come into contact with it.

Borax and Boric Acid

This substance affects ants the way diatomaceous earth does. It is often utilized as a cleaning agent. Any product that contains borax or boric acid can stop the ability of ants to function. Once ingested, the substance damages the inside of the ants and interferes with digestion, killing the insects over time. Also, boric acid is used in a lot of ant bait formulations.

Ant Traps and Baits

Can You Rely on DIY Ant Treatments to Treat an Infestation in Elgin?

Ant traps and baits come in different forms. Some traps have sweet, sticky, protein or sugar-based gels that draw ants and immobilize them. some kinds of ant traps are cheap, can be placed anywhere, and are easy to use. You can place these traps on countertops, mantels, tables, and windowsills.

Other kinds of ant baits include different formulations of diatomaceous earth and boric acid contained in powder-based products. You can lay out these traps as bait stations.

Various kinds of baits work better for various ant species. The product you use may tell you the type of ants it works best for. But keep in mind that such baits do not kill a lot of ants. In fact, they only kill ants that look for food and protect their nests. If you are dealing with a huge infestation, baits won’t kill every ant that infests your house.

Ant Sprays

The efficacy of these products depends on the way you use them. Spraying an ant trail only discourages ants from using this pathway to look for food sources. Because ants communicate with each other through pheromones, they will usually begin a path elsewhere. But ant sprays are used outdoors around your home, or on ant hills, they may discourage an infestation or destroy an ant nest. But it is often best to leave such treatment to the experts.

Pest control professionals use specialized ant treatments to destroy ant nests and discourage the pests from invading houses from the outside. Such sprays are formulated to be used by professionals and may not be available to consumers. Professionals handle an infestation by getting to the infestation source and ending the problem. So, if you have an active ant infestation, especially carpenter ants, call the professionals to get the job done for you.