Home Remodeling Ideas for Rooftop
Home Remodeling Ideas for Rooftop

Home Remodeling Ideas for Rooftop

When you live in an apartment or a house with a small backyard, the roof might be the only place where you can expand your property. Whether it’s for growing some plants, setting up an outdoor kitchen, or having a barbeque on the rooftop, there are many ways that you can use your home remodel roof to make sure that you are enjoying more of your home.

Create a rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens are a great way to grow your own food, no matter how small the space you have. If you have a balcony or a small terrace, for example, you can create a beautiful and productive garden that provides fresh herbs and veggies for cooking.

You could also use your rooftop as a peaceful escape from the bustle of everyday life. A garden on top of your home would be an excellent place to relax during the warm months of spring and summer when there’s nowhere else in town with such nice weather!

There are many ways that having your own home remodeling ideas rooftop garden can save money as well. Growing food, yourself means that you won’t have to buy it at the grocery store anymore and because homegrown produce is so much fresher than what you might find in stores, it will also taste better too!

Have a summer kitchen in the main home remodeling ideas

The main home remodeling ideas behind a summer kitchen is to add some extra space. You can use this area for entertaining, cooking, or storage. If you are planning on having guests over for your next barbecue, then having an outdoor kitchen will be the perfect addition to your home. The best part about a summer kitchen is that it is completely customizable depending on what you want out of it and how much space you have available on your rooftop.

When deciding where to place the actual grill and other appliances, make sure they’re close enough so that they don’t take up too much room but not too far away either (as in way down below).

It’s important to consider how easily accessible these appliances will be when using them in bad weather conditions like rain or snow because having these items far below may not always work well without proper preparation beforehand!

Design a terrace

If you have a little bit of space, but not quite enough to make a full outdoor deck or patio, then installing a terrace is the perfect solution. A home remodeling ideas rooftop terrace can be as simple as creating an area in your yard where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun or it can be more ambitious and include features like built-in seating areas and even landscaping. Terraces can be added to any type of home: whether you live in an apartment building or have your own home with plenty of land around it, adding this small addition will give you more living space without needing much effort from yourself.

Setup an outdoor shower

A home remodeling idea outdoors shower is a great way to get clean and cool off on hot summer days. It’s also very useful for washing off after working in the garden or cleaning up after a yoga session. In order to create this essential item for your rooftop, you’ll need two things: A place for the water to come out and a cistern that collects it.

To install an outdoor shower, dig out enough space under your deck or patio so that there is room for both the cistern and its drainage pipe as well as room around them so that they are not easily damaged by feet walking past them. Make sure you have enough clearance above them, so they don’t get hit with rainwater when it falls from above!

Once this is done, pour concrete into the hole until it reaches just below where your pipes will end up being placed at their lowest point (this should give ample time between ground-level changes). Next, fill up your tank with water using either a hose connected directly to its lid or use some sort of pump system if necessary (this can be purchased at local hardware stores). Once full place the lid on top tightly sealing everything together while still allowing plenty of room inside for air flow through ventilation holes drilled into the bottom side near the center point where the base meets walls/”sides”. If needed drill additional holes closer together towards the edges depending on how big those vents were drilled into the bottom surface before pouring concrete over the top surface if need be drill through steel plate beneath ground level first but do not make any holes through the wood plank material just yet.

Create a lounge area

The second most popular answer to the question what does you want to do on your roof? is “Have a lounge area.” If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, it’s time to get creative home remodeling ideas. The best lounging places are comfortable, safe, and private, so make sure that your lounge area has the following qualities:

  • Comfort – You’re going to be up there for hours at a time. Make sure that whatever you sit on is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort!
  • Safety – While being on top of a house can sometimes feel like being in another world entirely, sometimes things go wrong up there, and you need to be able to get down quickly if necessary. In addition to having an Emergency Escape Ladder (EEL) installed near your lounge area, try adding some cushions or pillows so that if someone falls off, they’ll land softly and hopefully not die!
  • Space – Make sure there’s enough room for everyone who plans on using it! This may require modifying existing structures such as roofs or walls so they can expand outward without ruining their structural integrity; however, if done correctly this shouldn’t cause any problems once construction begins again later down the line when it comes time for renovations/repairs etcetera.

Have a living wall

Living walls are an excellent home remodeling ideas way to bring the outdoors in and make your home more environmentally friendly. A living wall is a garden that grows right on the building’s exterior, so you can enjoy fresh air and nature while taking advantage of your rooftop space. Living walls can be used to grow food, which will reduce the amount of waste going into landfills as well as improve your diet, but they’re also great for decoration purposes.

Living walls are very easy to maintain all you have to do is water them once or twice a week (depending on how many plants there are) until they’re established and then less often after that. You’ll need some basic tools like gardening gloves, scissors for removing dead leaves/plants from time to time, pruning shears for trimming branches, when necessary (like when a plant gets too big), fertilizer every few weeks or whenever necessary (again depending on how established the plants are). Here’s another great thing about living walls: they give off oxygen at night!

There are many types of plants suitable for use in living walls including succulents such as aloe vera; herbs like basil; vegetables such as tomatoes; flowers such as petunias; fruit trees like apples; vines such as grapes etc.

Enjoy the outdoor barbeque

A barbecue is a great addition to your rooftop home remodeling ideas and can be used for everything from barbequing meat to grilling vegetables.

It’s important to keep your barbecue clean as well as oiled so that it works properly and doesn’t rust or corrode. You will also want to buy some charcoal and lighter fluid so that you can start up the grill whenever you want some food cooked over open flames. You can enjoy more of your house by creating some home remodeling ideas and great areas on the roof of it.


You don’t need to invest in a new home or pay for expensive home remodeling ideas to enjoy more of your house. You can create areas on the roof that will enhance your life and make it more enjoyable. These rooftop ideas are easy, affordable and most importantly, they work!