Successful Realtor International Group
Successful Realtor International Group

Successful Realtor International Group

International real estate is a booming business, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The United States alone is home to hundreds of thousands of realtor international and millions of properties. However, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to working only within the borders of your own country’s borders. Instead, consider joining an international realtor group: they can help you expand your business into new regions while connecting with other like-minded professionals who are also looking for ways to grow their own businesses.

International Realtor Group

An international realtor group is a group of realtors that work together to help each other, their clients, and their businesses. In order to succeed as a realtor, you need to have the right resources and support network around you so that when problems arise or opportunities present themselves, they are ready at your fingertips.

The International Group was created in order to give our members access to all of these resources so that they can be prepared for whatever comes next in their careers. We also offer monthly training sessions where we will teach:

  • The latest trends in real estate
  • How new technology can help your business take off
  • Coverage in over 24 countries

You may be wondering how the Real Estate International Group is able to provide you with coverage in over 24 countries. It’s simple really. We’ve expanded our reach by adding more international realtor group to our international network, and with these new additions, we are able to offer you coverage in places like Australia, Canada, China, and more!

We have over 40 realtors across 24 countries working for us so far. The company has grown to over 60,000 realtors in 24 countries. It expands into new regions twice a year and is constantly recruiting talented people from around the world to join its global family of real estate professionals.

Our network of over 60,000 international realtor group is comprised of various cultures and backgrounds, but they all share one common goal: to be successful in their profession and make an impact on people’s lives through their work as real estate agents. The international realtor group has created a culture where these agents can come together at events worldwide, learn from other agents’ successes and challenges, and meet new people from different cultures who have different perspectives on business practices that might help them improve their own business performance!

A fastest growing group of realtors

The international realtor group is one of the fastest-growing real estate groups in the world. The group has over 300,000 members from over 50 countries. It was founded in 2003 by its current President, David Chan.

Membership requires that you be a professional in your local market and have at least two years of experience in real estate transactions with a minimum of $100k per year sales volume. Members also need to meet other criteria including:

  • A college degree or equivalent experience
  • A minimum credit score of 650
  • Expanding into new regions twice a year

Expanding into new regions is a priority for us, and we do it twice a year. This expansion is done by the international realtor group themselves who want to grow their business in these regions.

Networking events in every country covered

One of the best ways to make connections and expand your international realtor group network is through networking events. Networking events are a great way to meet new people, learn from others’ experiences, and expand your business. The more connections you have in a country, the more likely you will be able to sell properties there.

Meet people from other cultures that you can work with

You never know what opportunities will come from working with new people. Just by being in the same space as someone, you can learn about their culture, their market, and even their language. People do business with international realtor group differently all over the world and learning how they do it is a very valuable experience. Maybe one day you can even open the door to an entirely new market for yourself!

Join an international realtor group to become a more successful realtor

You’ve heard it before: you need to go into business with people who are smarter than you. This is true in any business, but especially in real estate where the competition is so fierce, and the market can turn on a dime. You need a team of professionals working together to help you succeed.

This is exactly what you’ll be able to do when joining an international realtor group like ours! The coverage we provide spans all over 24 countries, and we have over 60,000 realtors working with us in each region we serve. That means when you want to expand your portfolio or get more listings for your current clients, our network will be there for support! We also make sure that our agents are up to date with industry trends through ongoing training sessions throughout the year so that no matter what comes up next month (or even next week), every member has access to information about how best to respond accordingly.


It is important to remember that a successful international realtor group has to be adaptable, flexible, and able to adapt quickly. While there are many things that an agent can do to help their success, it is also up to them as individuals. The key is finding what works best for you and making sure that you stick with it!